Our Process

At SMI, our patients come first. Our facilities are modern and comfortable, and our staff is here to take care of all your medical imaging needs. Our doctors and technologists are not only leading experts in their fields, but they will work to make sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your visit to SMI.

Knowledge is power, so please feel free to ask questions either prior to or during your visit. We’ll do our best to answer them and make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of your experience at SMI.

Remember, we're here to serve you.

Get a Referral from Your Doctor

Typically, your doctor will fill out a Requisition Form, which serves as your referral to our clinic. Your doctor will either fax it directly to our clinic or ask you to bring it with you to your appointment. All examinations, except standard X-rays, are by appointment only. Please bring your health insurance card and requisition form(s) with you to your appointment.

Make an Appointment

Once your doctor has referred you to our clinic, he/she will contact us and arrange an appointment for you. In the event your doctor has given the requisition form directly to you, you will be required to call our office and book an appointment. When you make your appointment, you will speak to a friendly receptionist who will make sure that you are scheduled in a timely manner.

To book an appointment call, please call 1.306.477.1000.

Prepare For Your Visit

Now, you’re ready to visit one of our four locations conveniently located throughout Saskatoon.

Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. For x-rays, avoid clothing with metal buttons or zippers. Please do not wear any fragrances, as other patients may be sensitive or allergic.

Ultrasound examinations are very sensitive to motion, and an active or crying child will slow the examination process. To ensure a smooth experience, it’s often beneficial to explain to children in general terms why you’re visiting SMI prior to the exam. Perhaps bring a book for your child to read to ease anxiety.

It is also important to inform us of any accessibility or mobility issues before your examination.

PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS: Stay on prescribed medications. However, if you are diabetic, and your exam requires a fasting diet, request an early morning booking time and discuss possible stoppage or reduction of insulin with your physician.

For specific exam preparations, see our Visit Preparation information.

Step Four: Arrive for Your Visit

Please arrive on time, and notify us as early as possible in the event you are unable to keep your appointment. Late arrivals may necessitate rebooking.

When you arrive, present your Requisition Form (if given to you) and your health services card to reception.

In our modern and spacious examining rooms, highly trained professionals using state-of-the-art digital equipment will conduct your examination. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have prior to or during your exam. Our process and protocols have passed the most rigorous standards of various national accreditation bodies.

While we strive to stay on schedule, appointments occasionally take longer than expected. Please be patient.

Receive Your Results

The results of your examinations will be sent to your referring physician and any other individuals to whom your physician has asked copies be sent. This is done as quickly as possible and usually takes place via facsimile (fax), medical transport mail, general mail, or in some instances through online reporting.

Due to the busy nature of our practice, it is not possible for us to convey the results of your test to you individually for most of the studies we do. However, if you feel that it is important to speak to one of the radiologists at the clinic, please do not hesitate to tell the reception staff or the technologist; we will always do our best to accommodate you.

Please note that the decision to embark on further investigation or treatment should be taken in consultation with your referring physician and any other individuals you feel can meaningfully contribute to this decision.

If at any time you need assistance with our process, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1.306.477.1000.