Meet the Physicians

Our Radiologists are committed to your health and wellbeing. They are all highly trained professionals who are specialists in Diagnostic Radiology.

All of the radiologists at Saskatoon Medical Imaging are faculty in the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, and most work in the Saskatoon Health Region at the Royal University Hospital.

  • Dr. B. Chappell
  • Dr. H. Irving
  • Dr. B. Burbridge
  • Dr. A. Dhir
  • Dr. D. Fladeland
  • Dr. D. Leswick
  • Dr. R. Otani
  • Dr. C. Rodriguez
  • Dr. M. Shepel
  • Dr. G. Stoneham
  • Dr. P. Szkup
  • Dr. S. Wiebe
  • Dr. I. Waddell
  • Dr. F. Rashidi
  • Dr. C. Theoret
  • Dr. T. Ellchuk
  • Dr. C. Bell
  • Dr. L. Chatterson
  • Dr. H. Dabirzadeh
  • Dr. H. Obaid
  • Dr. J. Gitlin
  • Dr. G. Karjala
  • Dr. K. Moulton